1. After your class has been twinned, it is imperative that you complete the entire pen-pal program, including the electronic slide show or scrapbook.
  2. The calendar of events must be followed.
  3. Students are to write in their primary language unless both teachers agree otherwise.
  4. Students can be matched by either of the following methods: a) the first female student on each class list, and so on; and the first male student on each class list, and so on. OR b) pen-pals can be matched according to interests in sports, hobbies, food, or other.  In order to facilitate this type of twinning, students in the Anglophone sector must complete the form titled "Hello/Bonjour".  These forms must then be sent to the teacher of their twinned class (francophone sector) as soon as possible.  Teachers in the francophone sector will then twin pen-pals accordingly. If one class has more students than the other, then one or more students will be matched to more than one pen pal. Any changes to the matching procedure should be agreed to by both teachers.
  5. In their first letter, students should focus on introducing themselves to their pen pals. Students may also attach their school picture to their first letter (optional).
  6. In their second letter, students might write about their community or region and include brochures or other information.
  7. The theme of the class project is Our School, Our Community. Students appearing in the electronic slide show and/or scrapbook pictures should wear name tags so that their pen pals can recognize them easily. We encourage you to start planning the project early on and to monitor its progress.
  8. If your students’ letters or your class project cannot be sent by the agreed date, please advise the other teacher as soon as possible to avoid disappointing his or her students.
  9. If you prefer for your students to correspond by e-mail, you will need to contact the IT services coordinator for your school district to obtain e-mail addresses.
  10. We encourage you to monitor the letters closely for legibility and use of proper grammar. You should also set guidelines concerning use of inappropriate language or words or expressions that pen pals could find offensive.
  11. Other suggested activities include exchanging printed information on the students' communities as well as Christmas and Easter cards or Valentines.

You are the key to the success of this initiative aiming to foster a ‘rapprochement’ between our official-language communities. Thank you for participating in the My Dialogue Friend Program!

Everyone has a role to play

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