Mirelle Cyr

Mirelle Cyr has more than thirty years’ experience in management and coordination of issues concerning Francophonie on a provincial, national and international level. Her experience allows her to understand the culture of an organization and contribute to its development. Her ability to identify opportunities and network the necessary competences and expertise has allowed her to arrange many meetings in different fields in order to identify synergies, and establish a consensus to achieve common goals.

As assistant the prime minister’s assistant deputy minister and the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie’s (OIF) personal representative (Sherpa), she brought New Brunswick’s action on an international level and coordinated the development of multiple initiatives and collaboration agreements aiming to promote the province’s expertise in different fields. She positioned New Brunswick as champion of youth projects, of technical and professional training, and of the use of information technologies as a sustainable development tool. She contributed to the creation of an international organization for francophone youth, supported the OIF in the development of policies and for the establishment of technological tools to improve its operation. As a Sherpa, she created links between with different operators in Francophonie and supported cases from organizations and institutions.

She coordinated the part New Brunswick was taking in ten Sommets de la Francophonie and more than twenty international ministerial meetings. Moreover, she organized many international conferences in New Brunswick.

As assistant deputy minister also responsible for official languages issues, she coordinated federal-provincial negotiations in regards to official languages and Francophonie and set up collaboration mechanisms to maintain open and positive relations with different Francophone community organizations while fostering conciliation between the province’s two official languages communities.

As director of the Année de la Francophonie canadienne, she designed, planned, and led a national program aiming to reinforce bonds between Canadians and promote the increased value of a bilingual Canada. The Année de la Francophonie canadienne contributed to confirm the use of the term Canadian Francophonie to designate all Francophones who live in Canada, including Québec, during the creation of the Jeux de la Francophonie and the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie.

As a consultant, she managed the review of the New Brunswick Official Languages Act, led various consultation processes, accomplished feasibility studies and developed and implemented many initiatives.

Mirelle Cyr currently sits on the Théâtre populaire d’Acadie’s (TPA) Board of Directors’ Executive Committee and holds a master’s degree in public administration from Université de Moncton.

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