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2005 Recipients

Left to right: The Hon. Herménégilde Chiasson, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, Ms. Paulette Thériault & Ms. Dawn Arnold, Northrop Frye International Literary Festival (community organisations), Mr. Alex Fancy (individuals), Mr. Bernard Imbeault (businesses), Ms. Odette Snow & Mr. Rolf Spangenberg, Co-Chairs of Dialogue New Brunswick.

Alex Fancy

Alex Fancy has been teaching courses in the French language and drama at Mount Allison University for forty years. His work and influence extend beyond the classroom and beyond Mount Allison in many ways, in particular with Tintamarre, the bilingual theatre troupe which he has created and developed over several decades. Each year he tours one of his shows to schools throughout the Maritime provinces. One of his main aims of touring these shows is to validate bilingualism and promote inclusivity and fluency in French by use of gesture and drama.

Alex Fancy has given many years of service to the cause of bilingualism in Sackville, in the province of New Brunswick, and beyond.

The Northrop Frye International Literary Festival

The Northrop Frye International Literary Festival is dedicated to the advancement of literacy and the appreciation of literature. It also promotes Canada’s bilingual literary heritage by bringing together French and English authors from around the regions, across the country, and throughout the world. The 2005 Festival hosted 40 authors from around the world – half of whom write primarily in French, half mainly in English.

The Northrop Frye International Literary Festival is a unique event paying tribute to the cultural diversity of the country and celebrating a great scholar who has given an indelible literary and cultural legacy to Canada – and the entire world.

The Northrop Frye International Literary Festival promotes mutual understanding, respect and appreciation between English and French speaking citizens.

Bernard Imbeault

Bernard Imbeault is a business leader who, through his actions, demonstrates the character traits sought: understanding, innate respect and appreciation of the people of New Brunswick’s francophone and anglophone communities.

In addition to his years of support of academic institutions and community organizations in the province, he is also the recipient of two honorary doctorates, one from a French-language university, the other from an English-language university.

Born and raised in francophone Quebec, he has nonetheless shown an exceptional capacity not only to adapt to the anglophone community but also to work alongside and with its members. Mr. Imbeault is an excellent example of this integration in New Brunswick.