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2006 Recipients

Front: M. Larry Nelson (businesses) and Professor Richard Myers (individuals).Second row: Ms. Odette Snow & Mr. Rolf Spangenberg, Co-Chairs of Dialogue New Brunswick, the Hon. Herménégilde Chiasson, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick Ms. Beth Kelly & Ms. Michèle Brideau, Avantage Saint John Advantage (community organisations) and Ms. Carole Fournier, Executive Director of Dialogue New Brunswick.

Professor Richard Myers

Richard Myers has been promoting mutual understanding between English-speaking and French-speaking citizens of New Brunswick for over 20 years. In his field of University education, he has promoted the addition of various courses in French to the University curriculum. He continues to promote the value of learning and maintaining French as a second language within St. Thomas University. His leadership involvement in Dialogue New Brunswick from 1995 to 2001 further demonstrates his ability to achieve the goals outlined by this award.

The basis of this recognition is also centered on his leadership role since 2000 in the National program French for the Future, “a non-profit, student-centered educational program which encourages and promotes linguistic duality in Canada by highlighting its positive social and career benefits and by forging linguistic and cultural links among students of secondary school age who are enrolled in French first and second language courses.” (excerpt from www.french-future.org/)

Richard Myers continues to be a powerful agent of harmony and respect within our province.

Avantage Saint John Advantage

Avantage Saint John Advantage is dedicated to promoting and supporting the financial and cultural advantages of bilingualism in Saint John. Their objective is to serve as a model of linguistic and economic cooperation.

Formed in partnership with the Saint John Board of Trade, Enterprise Saint John and the Association Régionale de la Communauté francophone de Saint-Jean, Avantage Saint John Advantage is a team of professionals from Saint John’s business, education, health and community development sectors. Activities and programs provided by this organization include: a weekly French-language lunch which is open to the entire community; bilingualism workshops for the business community; as well as a program called “connections” which encourages students to continue French-language studies. Avantage Saint John Advantage also developed “Lebottin.org” an online directory of all products and services available in French in the Saint John region.

Avantage Saint John Advantage fosters appreciation between Anglophones and Francophones and is an example of an organization that champions the principles of harmony, respect and understanding between the province’s two official language communities.

Mr. Larry Nelson

Mr. Larry Nelson is a business man who, through word and deed, contributes toward enriching dialogue between our two official language communities. Because of his exemplary community service, his willingness to get involved, his influence, and his deep desire to see our two linguistic communities grow harmoniously, he is considered by many to serve as a strong link between English and French-speaking communities. Mr. Nelson also helps the English-speaking community to understand the importance of equality for Francophones and Anglophones. An ardent supporter of bilingualism, he is a friend to Acadians and Francophones and he never misses an opportunity to support their institutions.

“A well known philanthropist, he supports numerous artistic, cultural and athletic causes. He was the first person of the English speaking community to lend support to the Université de Moncton by organizing the annual Lounsbury golf tournament, the profits of which were donated to the university’s financial campaign.” (taken from a press release, Communications Department, Université de Moncton, April 14, 2004)