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2014 Recipients

Marshall Button and Mélanie Lavoie from the Capitol School of Performing Arts,
Honourable Graydon Nicholas Lieutenant-Governor,
Father Stanislas Paulin and Paul-Émile Chiasson Co-Chair of Dialogue New Brunswick

Capitol School of Performing Arts

The Capitol School of Performing Arts nurtures creativity, promotes co-operation among non-profit groups throughout southeastern New Brunswick, enriches communication between linguistic communities and teaches invaluable life skills.

The Capitol School of Performing Arts is an awareness initiative developed by the Capitol Theatre to provide theatre training and performance opportunities in both official languages to youth and adults. Classes led by high-calibre theatre professionals are organized for learners of all ages and offered to anywhere from 18 to 100 students each semester. Since its launch more than 15 years ago, the School has delivered its programs to more than 2,000 people.

Creativity, exploration and performance are the foundations on which students build their acting techniques through improvisation, storytelling, scene building and analysis, characterization and movement. As they take part in the creative process, students gain confidence, hone their communication and teamwork skills and develop social responsibility. From the start, the School has worked to foster collaboration between Anglophones and Francophones in southeastern New Brunswick in a spirit of mutual respect.

In addition to offering the community’s youth solid training in the dramatic arts, the Capitol School of Performing Arts is proud to put on public performances to promote the understanding and appreciation of our province’s bilingual heritage. Among its recent offerings, the School staged a production in 2014 for actors of all ages under the theme of evolution as the Capitol marked its 20th year of operation since its restoration. This bilingual play explored the growth of the arts in the local community, changes in people’s attitudes concerning the arts and the Capitol Theatre’s own evolution as a hub for the arts.

Father Stanislas Paulin

Harmony and respect can only be ensured by getting to know our neighbours and learning about their culture and traditions. Father Paulin fulfils his mission to bring people together in this way through not only his ministry but also his music. For many years, he has promoted harmony between Francophones and Anglophones in his role as an enthusiastic director of choirs made up of members of both ethnic groups. Father Paulin is a tremendous ambassador who never misses an opportunity to share the richness of the Francophone and Acadian culture with the Anglophone community. Born and raised in a majority Anglophone area, he developed a strong spirit of cooperation, not in the sense of submission to, but rather respect for, the other culture and language.

This respect must, of course, be mutual, something that Father Paulin has clearly grasped. During his years in Fredericton, he was at the service of both the Francophone and the Anglophone communities. He has served as head of pastoral services at Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital. As a priest, he has demonstrated the importance of cooperation through his participation in a range of ecumenical activities. He was also the first Acadian chaplain of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

While he is familiar with the importance of sharing his culture and traditions, Father Paulin shares his religious traditions as well. Although the Francophone and Acadian presence was already growing when he arrived in Fredericton, it had yet to become established from a spiritual perspective, and Father Paulin championed efforts leading to the creation of Sainte-Anne-des-Pays-Bas Parish and, eventually, construction of the church now standing at the corner of Regent and Priestman streets.

Father Paulin demonstrated his ongoing commitment when he agreed to serve as a member and, subsequently, co-chair of the board of directors of Dialogue NB. In this role, he has once again shown his capacity for dialogue and respect for both cultures