Nadine Duguay-Lemay to lead Dialogue New Brunswick

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Nadine Duguay-Lemay to lead Dialogue New Brunswick


Fredericton, February 16, 2018 – Dialogue New Brunswick wishes to announce the appointment of Nadine Duguay-Lemay as its Chief Executive Officer. Mrs. DuguayLemay will take office on February 20, 2018.

“Nadine Duguay-Lemay has impressive credentials whose common thread is community involvement. She has gained extensive experience in the management of organizations, and has shown notable strategic analysis skills. We are convinced that her joining Dialogue New Brunswick points to a renewal, and to interesting and engaging projects”, according to Mirelle Cyr, co-chair of the organization.

Nadine Duguay-Lemay’s varied background includes language teaching, entrepreneurship, management, and leadership development. She also holds two degrees in international trade, a bachelor of arts, and a modern management certificate. She has participated in the 2015 edition of The Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference, and co-chaired the NB 2016 and Georgetown 2.0 Conferences. She is also the founder of many community organizations (MYPIE, Women of Miramichi Entrepreneurial Network and Rotary Resurgo) She is also well-known for her involvement in mentoring and with youth in general. Prior to joining Dialogue New Brunswick, Nadine Duguay-Lemay held the position of marketing director for a major financial institution. She also managed the 21 Inc. Organization for a number of years. It is with great pleasure that I return to work in the community sector. Dialogue New Brunswick plays a major role in strengthening social cohesion in the province through activities designed to foster harmonious relationships between English-speaking and French-speaking New Brunswickers. Together, we can contribute to make New Brunswick a place where all its citizens can thrive. I am very eager to get down to work”, said Nadine Duguay-Lemay.

“The arrival of Mrs. Duguay-Lemay is an excellent opportunity to take stock of our achievements, and to see where and how we can better involve the New Brunswick population in a genuine, open and progressive dialogue about official languages”, concludes Patrick O’Brien, co-chair of Dialogue New Brunswick. Dialogue New Brunswick’s mission is to promote and celebrate understanding, respect, and appreciation between English-speaking and French-speaking New Brunswickers.


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