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Dialogue New Brunswick is pleased to be hosting its first symposium with the theme of our provincial motto, Spem Reduxit – Hope Restored – L’espoir Renaît. Since the recent pivot toward social cohesion as its mandate, the not-for-profit organization has been exploring the concept with several key activations across the province and between sectors. The symposium is its newest endeavor to make use of collaboration across sectors to engage dialogue as a way to both assess and foster social cohesion.

The symposium’s purpose is three-fold, each underpinning the overarching goal of social cohesion being hosted during a culturally significant weekend: collaborative development of a platform for Dialogue NB to create space for dialogue among and between the citizens of our region at various scales and levels that disrupts their silos and echo-chambers; to embed cultural expression in the form of live art as a means to foster these collaborations; to thematically orient these with the spirit of our provincial motto and its origin.

The event theme captured by the provincial motto symbolizes the welcomed arrival of the Loyalist refugees by the Indigenous and French peoples of the province at the time. This is all too apt of a theme in the context of our contemporary issues with identity factors, shared values and trust, and provincial immigration and language. The symposium is also being hosted on May 10-11. The symposium is both multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary – this means it will act as a way for various stakeholders, from individuals to regional organizations, to propose and host a component of the symposium so that together we can address complex problems that will allow for a more comprehensive whole to emerge.

Dialogue New Brunswick is a non profit organization that has been in existence since 1990. Its mandate has recently pivoted toward a more comprehensive perspective of this issue by employing the concept of social cohesion: how multiple identity factors contribute to our ability to meet our needs and feel heard, valued, have a sense of belonging as New Brunswickers. The organization is unique in its kind in the country, and it is fierce in its commitment to encourage asking complex questions.