Dialogue NB offers support to political parties in the aftermath of provincial election

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Election results reveal urgent need to change the provincial conversation toward social cohesion

Moncton, September 27, 2018

Dialogue New Brunswick is reaching out to all four political parties that won seats in the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly on Monday to help them find ways to overcome the divisiveness that was expressed at the polls and find a path toward greater social cohesion.

« The election results send a clear signal that it’s time to change the conversation in New Brunswick », says Nadine Duguay, CEO of Dialogue New Brunswick. « There is an urgent need to find ways to talk to each other and build greater understanding, trust and cooperation if we are to grow and prosper together as a province. Dialogue NB is here to help. »

In June of this year, Dialogue New Brunswick announced it was taking the mantle of social cohesion. Its new slogan « One New Brunswick, together » became the rallying cry for the organization that vowed to champion and celebrate social cohesion across civil society by identifying ways to promote understanding, respect and harmony among all in an increasingly diverse province. In the few months since, key actions have included launching programs to provide leadership and support to New Brunswickers from all communities, cultural backgrounds and walks of life so they can identify what they share in order to work better together to create the conditions that will allow each person living in the province to feel valued, heard and that they belong. Dialogue NB is now offering political parties and other organizations to join in this mission.

The organization mandated five Experts in Residence with helping guide the conversation, including Stephany Peterson, a PhD candidate at the University of New Brunswick. « Dialogue NB is ready with boots on the ground to be of service to our government and fellow New Brunswickers. We have heard the call of our province, and we are ready, willing and able to mobilize to respond. Rather than dwell in the fear of uncertainty and scurry to rely on the familiar, let us instead embrace this situation to see what role identity factors have played for this political landscape, and map a new course in the context of social cohesion to effect change.» says Ms. Peterson.

« The election results will embolden those of us who believe in our province’s potential », says sociologist Mathieu Wade, also Dialogue Expert in Residence. « We have to embrace this unchartered territory and see it as an opportunity to reshape our provincial conversation. New Brunswickers are demanding it. »

About Dialogue NB
Dialogue is a non-profit organization, led by a volunteer board of directors, with a mandate to help the Province of New Brunswick be a more socially cohesive community. The organization develops programs and initiatives to help inspire communities and individuals to live together in greater harmony – respecting all people as valued members of society.

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