Dialogue New Brunswick charts a new direction for social cohesion

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Board of Directors adopts a new vision for the organization and elects new leadership

(Moncton, June 18, 2018) Dialogue New Brunswick is embarking on a new path to help foster greater social cohesion in the province. On the weekend, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to update its mission to reflect the new social landscape of the province and to help increasingly diverse New Brunswickers find ways to come together to ensure a bright, inclusive and prosperous future.

The new slogan: “One New Brunswick, together” is the now the rallying cry for the organization that vows to “champion and celebrate social cohesion through understanding, respect, and harmony among all New Brunswickers” according to the mission statement adopted on Saturday. New co- presidents were elected to lead the charge: Fredericton-based entrepreneur and lawyer Natacha Connelly Bosse and entrepreneur Abby Pond of St Stephen.

Dialogue New Brunswick is moving beyond its original mission of promoting understanding between French and English communities as set out at the time of its creation in 1989 to now include First Nations and all the diverse communities that create the fabric of New Brunswick. “The province is getting a lot more diverse with larger cultural communities making their homes here and our mission must reflect that. This is an exciting time for Dialogue New Brunswick”, says co-president Abby Pond. “The pivot is simple, but the work will be difficult.”

“The pivot is adopted at a critical juncture in the province’s history”, explains co-president Natacha Connelly Bosse. “We have seen a rise in tensions between communities in the province as a result of economic uncertainty and it’s more important than ever that we focus on what pulls us together. We have a clear mission now.”

Dialogue NB is now developing various initiatives to bring that reality to life. One will be to establish an Expert Residency program whereby scholars and other experts will be tasked with finding concrete measures that can be applied specifically to New Brunswick to encourage social cohesion. Municipalities will be a primary focus of these initiatives as over twenty cities and towns have already reached out to see what they can do to promote respect and understanding at home. Youth will also get to engage in social cohesion labs.

“Our goal is really to provide leadership and programs so communities can create an environment where every person feels accepted, valued and understood, and finds equal opportunities to thrive”, says Chief Executive Officer Nadine Duguay-Lemay who has already done over 200 consultations with people from all walks of life since beginning her mandate at the end of February. “We are looking to engage with every segment of the province and we encourage everyone to reach out and join us. We all have a stake in this.”



Nadine Duguay-Lemay

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