Dialogue New Brunswick recognizing community leaders with 2018 Lieutenant-Governor Dialogue Award

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(Fredericton) May 29, 2018 – The annual Lieutenant-Governor Dialogue Award ceremony was held at Government House with Her Honour, the Honourable Jocelyne Roy Vienneau, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick. The three recipients for this year’s award are: Nicole Ozita Melanson, Croisière Shédiac Bay Cruises, and Music • Musique NB. The Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award, the only honour of its kind in Canada, has existed for 15 years. It is awarded to honour the role models who champion the principles of harmony and respect in our diverse communities.

“I am proud and humbled to honour this year’s recipients. They have worked tirelessly to promote and foster respect and appreciation in New Brunswick in their own fashion, furthering the understanding of cultures and traditions we share”, stated the Honourable Jocelyne Roy Vienneau, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.

“Every year we cherish the opportunity to recognize New Brunswickers who have done outstanding work to foster social cohesion in the province. This Award is our chance to show our appreciation for the leaders that continue to embody and support Dialogue’s vision, mission, and mandate through their own efforts” said Nadine Duguay-Lemay, Chief Executive Officer of Dialogue New Brunswick.

About the Recipients

Music•Musique NB:

Music • Musique NB is a completely bilingual provincial music industry association with over 350 members across the province. It helps its community thrive through efforts to develop, promote and celebrate its talent and achievements. Music•Musique NB stands out from every other provincial association since it is the only bilingual member of the Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations.

Its influence is also significant, as it serves on both the FACTOR National Advisory Board and the Musicaction Board of Directors; these two foundations are responsible for managing national grant programs for musicians.

Music•Musique NB’s inclusive vision is showcased at its annual event: Festival (506). It is a travelling festival, which makes it possible to reach many of the province’s communities. It also follows a philosophy that resists categorizing artists by language, presenting them instead by musical genre. Thisis the most important position, as it creates a bridge that allows groups to transcend language barriers through their love of music. This approach results in friendships and collaborations between the two language communities.

Croisières Shédiac Bay Cruises:

Since 1998, Croisières Shédiac Bay Cruises has evolved as a business that is committed to using both official languages as part of its operations. Éric LeBlanc, the founder of this company, made respect for both official languages a major feature of its vision. Since 2008, Ron Cormier and Denise LeBlanc have built on this initiative and have continued the tradition.

For those who have not had the opportunity of participating in the activities offered by Croisières Shédiac Bay Cruises, during the excursions, participants learn a great deal about the life and culture surrounding the fishing industry in New Brunswick. Participants also learn about the anatomy and life of a lobster. Naturally, the presentation is delivered in both official languages.

This experience, delivered with humour and passion, in the languages of Molière and Shakespeare, inspires a sense of camaraderie, which quickly eliminates language barriers, uniting the group in spite of their differences. As recounted by many participants, those who boarded as strangers formed friendships through this inclusive activity.

Nicole Ozita Melanson:

Nicole Ozita Melanson is a manager of communications and bilingual services with the City of Moncton. Her duties include monitoring the quality of language in public documents, overseeing the implementation of a five-year action plan on bilingual commercial signage, and managing the municipal official languages policy.

For many years, Nicole has demonstrated exceptional leadership on these issues, going far beyond her official duties. Over the last few years, she has initiated changes within the municipal government to emphasize the importance of our official languages. She proposed that all reports submitted to the City Council include a component dealing with official languages and the potential impact on a project, a file or an initiative.

Nicole has also worked with the Moncton Bilingualism Committee, which was established in 2013. Its mandate was to define the true meaning of equality in terms of bilingualism at the municipal level and to recommend practical ways in which the City Council and the Municipality of Moncton could make Moncton a truly bilingual city.

Nicole is motivated by her belief in the importance of bilingualism from a cultural, social and economic standpoint, and it is her dream to see the linguistic landscape change. She would like to see businesses use signage in both official languages, not because they are obligated to do so, but because they accept the economic, social and cultural benefits of bilingualism. She works to ensure that every resident, visitor and merchant truly and deeply understands the importance of bilingualism and of our cultures coexisting in harmony.

About Dialogue New Brunswick

For over a quarter century, Dialogue New Brunswick has worked towards strengthening the province’s social cohesion by fostering harmonious relationships between all cultural groups in the province. Governed by a Board of Directors made up of volunteers, Dialogue NB works through multiple programs to continue the conversation, knowing that the art of dialogue, the speaking and the listening, is the gateway to continued growth.


Nadine Duguay-Lemay,

Chief Executive Officer, Dialogue New Brunswick. 1-866-224-4040/506-850-1457 nadine.duguay@dialoguenb.org

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