bio obrienAfter stints working within the criminal justice system in Alberta, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, Pat O’Brien chose to relocate to Moncton to ensure that his family had an opportunity to be educated in an immersion environment.

He joined the board of Dialogue New Brunswick because he felt he could bring a different voice to the table.

“I joined believing I could bring a varied and diverse perspective to language appreciation and cultural harmony to the table. I am unilingual but enjoy a lifestyle that includes many Anglophones and francophones. I grew up unilingual in Fredericton, but have come to appreciate the richness of a bilingual environment.”

He is currently employed with the City of Moncton as Director of Human Resources.

When he came to Moncton in 1998, it was to accept an appointment to the National Parole Board.

He is a graduate of St. Thomas University with a Bachelour of Arts degree and the University of Ottawa with a Masters of Applied Criminology.

Pat is an avid marathoner, part-time journalist with the Times & Transcript newspaper and President of Parole Consultations, a private criminal justice consulting firm.

Pat’s voice:

"Our province of New Brunswick is built on our commitment to cultural harmony. That's pretty amazing when you think about it. In what other kind of culture would you want to raise your kids?"