What is the purpose of the report “Let’s talk… Social Cohesion in New Brunswick”?
Why did you choose to make it public?
In what context and how was this framework built?
What expertise did you rely on?
What is GBA+, to which you refer to on page 14?
What is the Social Cohesion Radar?
This year, how have you optimized your actions to support your reflexions?
Dialogue NB is now beginning a strategic phase. What are your priorities?
In practical terms, how do you intend to “celebrate diversity”?
What echo will Dialogue New Brunswick give to the 94 calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada report?
In the report, you use the term “First People” rather than “First Nations.” Why?
What are the challenges of development gaps between rural areas and large urban centers? What solutions do you plan to bring to reduce this division?
Is the residence of the five Experts-en-Residence complete?
How do I get a printed version of the report?
  1.  Source: Status of Women Canada
  2. Terminology proposed by our First Nations Experts-in-Residence
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