Community Leader – Susy Campos

Susy Campos comes from a background of strategy and governance advising, program development, fundraising and philanthropy. Holding a Master of Business Administration from Université de Moncton and a Masters in International Relations and Political Theory from McMaster University, she has served on various non-profit boards including the John Howard Society, Headstart Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Moncton West & Riverview Rotary Club to name just a few.

She had also run as a Liberal party candidate in 2017.

“Susy has an extensive background in both municipal and economic development issues within Canada and the United States. A resident of the Greater Moncton area, she is a tireless contributor to the growth and well-being of the entire region through her active involvement in community and social enterprise organizations,” said 3+ board chair Martin Haynes in the release.

“She brings to her new position as CEO of 3+ Corporation a commitment to tangible results that is best achieved through clarity of priorities, collaboration with her team and stakeholders, and a clear focus on desired outcomes. With the support of the three municipal governments, all strategic partners and community stakeholders, there is no doubt that the regional economic development agency will continue its positive impact on the Greater Moncton region.”

Huddle.Today :

Members of the Commitee

From Left to Right:

Nicole O. Melanson, Lorraine LeClaire, Susy Campos, Krysta Cowling, David Michaud, Jill Van Horne


Xavier Infantas, Junior Kalala, Mary Reid

Action Plans

Moncton Dialogue Committee set to launch an interactive services map in January 2020

In January 2020, the Moncton Dialogue Committee will be launching the Community Assets Map, an online interactive map listing all services offered in the Moncton area by public and private organizations (as well as community groups) focusing on priority issues in the area of social cohesion.

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