New Brunswick Day Commentary from the Co-Chairs

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A Province Worthy of Our Love

Published by Brunswick News Inc.
August 1, 2016

We were driving up north for a meeting last month and our conversation went from discussing some of the challenges our province is currently facing to the reasons why we love New Brunswick. Granted, we are in the midst of an economic transition, which can sometimes make it difficult to see the brighter side of things, but if we set aside the problems, we get a better look at what we have and what we truly love about living here. And, what makes us New Brunswickers.  So, in the spirit of celebrating New Brunswick Day, we came up with our five top reasons of why we love New Brunswick!

Our sense of community

We’re sure you’re inclined to agree that New Brunswickers have proven over and over again that they are willing to go that extra mile for one another. New Brunswick is attractive to many because of the open-mindedness of our residents and their willingness to cooperate with anyone who is looking to contribute to our shared prosperity. Whether it’s welcoming newcomers or refugees, the spirit of collaboration and community is alive and well in our province, our home. When we think of ‘home’ we feel safe, secure, and accepted because we are surrounded by people – family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues – who share similar values. Through conversations and shared stories, we’ve come to realize that New Brunswick is seen by many as a warm blanket of comfort and love where everyone feels at home. For us, there’s no place like it.

Our respect for equality and inclusiveness

This is a big one for us because part of making everyone feel at home is to be accepting, respectful, and understanding of all. Since before Confederation, New Brunswickers have understood that strength lies in unity and in harnessing diversity. We’ve also recognized – long ago –  that helping our neighbours is good for everyone. As a matter of fact, New Brunswickers have been champions of equality and social justice for decades by embracing and respecting Canada’s official languages. As the only officially bilingual province in Canada, we believe New Brunswickers can take pride in the role we are playing on the national and international stages.

New Brunswickers are kind, compassionate, and trustworthy; we have an enduring sense of fairness and a natural affinity towards success for all – we believe in social cohesion. Celebrating and conserving our differences is part of who we are as New Brunswickers. To be accepting and inclusive of all New Brunswickers is our most prized shared value.

Our rich cultural heritage

We think that our proximity to the Atlantic Ocean played a significant part in the establishment of our rich and diverse cultural heritage. The traditional M’ikmaq and Maliseet land of where our province stands today was ideal for First Nations people because of its mighty river system, natural landscape of coastline and wooded areas, and its bountiful place to live for the first inhabitants. The culture and traditions of both the Maliseet and the Mi’kmaq continue to be an integral part of this region’s cultural heritage. Oral stories, artifacts, and rituals continue to be shared intergenerationally among the communities of the people who have always called New Brunswick home. Our ocean access through sheltered bays and straits also played a momentous role in the settlement of both French and English colonies on this Maliseet and Mi’kmaq traditional land. We’re proud of our province’s beautiful mosaic of cultural heritage.

Our abundance of arts and culture

When we think about it, it is amazing how a population of less than a million residents produces such miraculous art that holds its own on the national and international arts and culture scenes. The diversity of the arts and culture within our small province is what makes it so remarkable. Different cultures, periods, and styles – including a fusion of diverse approaches – is what allows such a small population to create such beautiful work. We love the variety and uniqueness of what is found here. From theatre, to music, to painting, to contemporary dance – and everything in between –  New Brunswick has something significant to offer.

Our province’s natural beauty

We both love New Brunswick’s natural beauty and we agree that the most beautiful thing about our robust nature and majestic forests is their accessibility. They’re ours to discover through world-class national and provincial parks, and outdoor recreation. Love the beach? We’ve got it. Love the mountains? We have the highest peak in the Maritimes! Rivers? We have at least four to boast…and then some. Trails? Just part of the international Appalachian, and the Trans Canada. An abundance of amazing and diverse wildlife? Largest tidal whirlpool in the western hemisphere? World’s highest tides? Right here. Postcard worthy sunrises and sunsets? Waterfalls? Reversing falls? Islands? Rocky cliffs? All of the above can be found within the boundaries of our luscious province.

All of this New Brunswickness is ours, and we can all take pride in this.  We concede that sometimes life is not always easy and that there are challenges in maintaining our home – but we, as a united group, can take on these challenges and see our province through to success and prosperity.

We urge you to pause, in honour of New Brunswick Day, and reflect on what it is about this province that you love so much.  We dare you to create a list; you just might be pleasantly surprised.

Mirelle Cyr & Patrick O’Brien

Co-Chairs of the Board of Directors

Dialogue New Brunswick

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