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Third Public Dialogue

Public Dialogue in Moncton: Living Together

How to develop an inclusive and peaceful way of life in Moncton? How to make social cohesion a strategic driver of social and economic development? On June 5th , Dialogue New Brunswick, the Moncton Dialogue Community Committee and the City of Moncton invited the public to share its vision of living together at our dialogue.  Our 4 speakers shared their viewpoints regarding how to live together in a cohesive fashion. Our Chief Executive Officer, Nadine Duguay-Lemay, moderated the discussion.

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Past Public Dialogue

2nd Public Dialogue in Miramichi

Building the city of tomorrow together
When it comes to imagining the city of tomorrow and fostering the concept of Living Together, the residents of Miramichi have no shortage of ideas! This was clearly seen in the wide-ranging debates that enlivened Carrefour Beausoleil on April 11 during Miramichi’s second Public Dialogue (1).

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