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Dialogue NB raises funds online for a variety of community projects. This Policy applies to anyone who pledges support to Dialogue NB online. Since you are pledging support online without our assistance or involvement, you are asked to enter your details and donation amount carefully as error processing and correction can take up a substantial amount of administrative time. In summary:

  1. There is no minimum support amount.
  2. Support amounts are non-refundable.
  3. All credit card transactions will be processed in Canadian dollars.

Errors in amount pledged

If you make an error in the amount you pledged, you have sixty (60) days in which to notify Dialogue NB. All requests for refunds must be emailed to the Finance Manager ( Your request should include your name, the nature of the error and the details of the initial support amount, as well as the date.

If you change your mind

Refunds cannot be issued simply because you change your mind and wish to cancel your pledge. Consequently, you are requested to make your support decision with all due care. Dialogue NB is under no obligation to issue a refund, although we will take steps to rectify genuine mathematical errors involving the support amount.

Errors by Dialogue NB

If an error is made by Dialogue NB or its financial institution, a full refund will be issued immediately upon notification of the error. All related costs will be assumed by Dialogue NB.

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