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St Stephen

Patty Craine, Don Olmstead, Karen Olmstead

The community of St Stephen is thrilled to have Don Olstead and Karen Olmstead as their community Leaders!

“We see many countries being pulled apart by issues like language, immigration, gender, sexual orientation and similar topics. Now is the time to work at bringing people together to at least understand each other’s concerns so they are not causing friction and dividing us in a destructive matter,” said Don Olmstead.

“We learned from the experience with the Syrian refugees that once people meet and talk to people of other cultures or beliefs you realize not only how interesting the world is but that we are all just normal people wanting a decent life,” said Karen Olmstead.

  • Quotes taken from the Courier Weekend Friday, March 22, 2019

Members of the Commitee

Donna Dunsmore, Veronic Horne,
Amelie Barham
Karen Petersen,
Mindy Harrison

Social Cohesion Strategy

Dialogue NB group forms in St. Stephen to foster social inclusion

The Town of St. Stephen is joining Dialogue New Brunswick and has asked a local couple to head the St. Stephen area group. Dialogue NB has a mandate of developing “social cohesion” throughout New Brunswick. Social cohesion is a phrase used to describe understanding and communication between groups which often find themselves feeling the lack common ground.

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Dialogue NB starts off outreach in Charlotte County by listening to residents.

The St Stephen chapter of Dialogue NB was at the Kiwanis Trade Show in early May doing what they do best – dialoguing with community. Their goal was to ask the residents what they love about Charlotte County, and what resources would help them connect more to others in the community.

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The town of St Stephen participated in the Canada Day Parade organized by The Bay of Fundy Starts Here – CCRTA!

The Town of St Stephen perform wonderfully at the Canada Day parade organized by The Bay of Fundy Starts Here – CCRTA. Having there own beautiful float and music, they brought tons of energy for the event: all that while promoting inclusion in New Brunswick! Clic the button below to see posts and pictures published on social media of the Canada Day Parade.

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