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Youth Activators
of Change

2018 – 2019

View Tennessee’s Project

Tennessee Berdat

Tennessee plans to enhance New Brunswick’s tourism and cultural attractions to better integrate newcomers. During the 7 months of the program with Dialogue, she realized:

  • The launch of a blog to help newcomers become familiar with their land of welcome;
  • The launch of a New Brunswick Facebook page;
  • Meetings with community leaders, including the mayors of Dieppe and Shediac;
  • Establishing a network with local businesses and resources.

The purpose of her blog and Facebook page is to create a rich, reliable, clear and easily accessible source of information to encourage the installation and foster the integration and inclusion of Newcomers in New Brunswick. Tennessee’s audience continues to grow as she collaborates with local businesses and resources. She wants to transmit and promote the strengths of Greater Moncton and expand the influence of « Like An Insider » at the provincial level.
In the long term, she wants to create a simple and modern application which would list all the activities, events, restaurants, local producers, craftsmen and festivals according to the geographical position of the user, accompanied by an information sheet. The latter would thus promote the integration of Newcomers but also promote tourism and economic growth in the province.

View Luc’s Project

Luc Cormier

Luc plans to give more importance to students’ voices in the education system, so that they can really influence the decisions made within their school. During the 7 months of the program with Dialogue, he realized:

  • Consult with students at their school to determine the most effective way to give students a voice;
  • A questioning of his project:
    • First, he wanted to create a website to collect the pupils’ opinion concerning subjects related to their school (too complicated and unpopular)
    • Then he had the idea of ​​creating a “political party” within the school to lead the way and the students’ projects to the school management (would create too much division among students).
    • Finally, he decided to form a committee to help the students in the implementation of their project.
  • Meeting with the director of the Francophone South School District to present her project.
View Carolina’s Project

Carolina Feican

Carolina has the project to create a platform to allow its members to share their knowledge and expertise, but also to learn skills or activities through other members. During the 7 months of the program with Dialogue, she realized:

  • The launch of a private FB group to test logistics related to the organization of skills exchanges;
  • 3 exchange events;
  • The meeting of an application developer potentially interested to develop his project.

The project allowed Carolina to realize the personal involvement needed to monitor and animate such a platform. People are willing to share their knowledge but do not want to deal with the logistics related implementation. An application would facilitate the implementation and limit the involvement of a facilitator.

View Valérie’s Project

Valérie Foulem

Valerie is planning to create an Art Center in Bathurst. During the 7 months of the program with Dialogue, she realized:

  • The launch of a Facebook page to present her project of an Art Center;
  • 3 consultations to check the interest of local artists for such a project;
  • Presentation of her project to Bathurst City Council (which endorsed the support);
  • The creation of a partnership with Maison Doucet Tennessee to host the Art Center at the Chaleur Arts Center studio.

On July 20, she presented her project to the public by organizing a temporary exhibition and a fundraiser to finance the launch of the center. Eventually, she wants to create a non-profit organization to ensure the financial sustainability and mission of the center.

View Ève’s Project

Ève Kelly

Eve is planning to better prepare post-secondary students for ecological, political and economic challenges. It has indeed identified a lack of curriculums in these areas and intends to fill them. During the 7 months of the program with Dialogue, she realized:

  • A survey with the help of professors from Université de Moncton campus Shippagan, to test students’ knowledge of ecology, politics and economics;
  • A study of 150 students and analyzed the results;

She now plans to make a video to present the results of her survey and to promote her project in order to obtain funds to develop an educational support to fill the gaps identified.

View Charles’ project

Charles MacDougall

Charles has plans to bring queer (members of the LGBTQ community) and Acadian communities together. To do this, he wants to promote Acadian contributions to the Queer communities, but also to sensitize Acadians that are still reluctant to the queer community reality. During the 7 months of the program with Dialogue, he realized:

  • An analysis of the possibility of creating a gathering of families chosen on the sidelines of the 2019 World Acadian Congress;
  • Identification of obstacles to his project;

The program allowed Charles to realize the scope of the project and the challenges it will face. He will need more resources (time and human) to realize his project.

View Céline’s Project

Céline Thibodeau

Céline has the plan to better prepare the 12th grade students in their transition to their post-secondary studies. During the 7 months of the program with Dialogue, she realized:

  • The animation of a FRENCH FORUM FOR THE FUTURE workshop to make young people aware of the importance and challenges of communication and teamwork;
  • Joined the Board of Directors of the NB Multifunctional Youth Complex Network as Peninsular-Center Representative;
  • Establishing its network with community stakeholders in the Acadian Peninsula region.

With her experience, she identified and formulated the 12 tips to provide to graduates of the 12th year. For each council, it also identified existing resources in the Acadian Peninsula region. She plans to use these elements for workshops in schools in the region.

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