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Samuel DeGarie & his mother Nathalie Perron

Project description:

I am currently employed at Café Inclusio, a social enterprise designed to provide jobs for people with intellectual and developmental challenges! My friend Joël and I are the inspiration for this project. It is my mother and Joël’s parents who manage the company. I want to have more knowledge in order to be fully integrated and contribute to the development of this project! I want to learn the role of a “businessman”!

Sarah Farquhar

Project Description:

Sarah wants to create a song-writers, poetic and artistic workshop where bilingual material would be produced, resulting in a final concert and gallery. The goal of this project would be to encourage inclusion and to bring people together with the help of Art. Not only would it be beneficial socially, but it will enrich our community with more diverse cultural knowledge and beauty!

Sidi Yaya Konate & his wife Fatou

Project description:
The “NB Network”, the name of his project, aims to create a meeting place for artists and scientists to promote artistic creations in technology centers. The fields of experimentation that will be encouraged during this project include digital arts, fine arts, transdisciplinary approaches, photography, music and theater. The goal of this project is to foster creativity in the fields of Science, to cultivate new innovative ideas that can change the Digital World!

Mohammed Diaa Ammori

Project Description:

For my project, I would like to raise awareness to the Moncton community about the refugee crisis and diaspora from its roots to explaining how the Moncton community is expected to the refugee needs when they come here as newcomers. Moreover, I would like to discuss the key intersections between refugees and indigenous people sharing this land. The project will be in the form of a conference that will include a presentation, a documentary, and a panel discussion. Through this conference, I hope to raise funds for an organization in Lebanon whose purpose is to support vulnerable categories of refugees such as children and women by providing them the education that they don’t have access in such a developing country.

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